America isn’t just my home and my country — it’s always been a promise for a better life. A promise that every American deserves.

Immigrant roots, American dreams

My path to public service did not begin with me. It began when my grandmother, Victoria, came to the United States at seven years old. She never made it past the fourth grade, but worked hard to teach her family the value of hard work as she cleaned houses and worked as a maid.

She passed on those values of hard work and perseverance to my mother, Rosie, who grew up to become a strong Chicana activist, educator and single mom to myself and my twin brother Joaquin.

Working towards the promise

I was raised on the West Side of San Antonio, where my mother instilled in Joaquin and me the power of action. During her campaign as the first Chicana to run for San Antonio city council, she taught us that if you want to make a change in your community, you don’t wait— you work. You make your future happen.

So we did. With my mother’s support, my brother and I went to college and law school. And in just two generations after my grandmother arrived here with nothing, my brother became a Member of Congress and I had the honor of serving in President Obama’s Cabinet.

My family instilled in me the value of hard work, service and above all responsibility — for ourselves, our community and our future.

As the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, I worked to expand the promise of opportunity to Americans all over the nation. Together, my team and I made housing more accessible, lessened homelessness among our nation’s veterans and even offered internet access to families in public housing. We set out to help families get back on their feet and achieve more than they thought possible.

That kind of America — one where dreams become real — is one that so many families right now desperately need.

One Nation. One Destiny.

I’ve spent the last several years traveling around the nation talking to Americans about their hopes, their dreams and their fears about the future. And in these times of divisive politics and hateful rhetoric, what I’ve heard has been incredible.

Americans from all walks of life want the same thing: to do right by our families and have the promise of America fulfilled.

And I believe that’s exactly what we can do: We can promise young people that college doesn’t have to equal a future of crushing debt. We can promise our seniors that they can count on a life of dignity. We can promise our veterans that they’ll be respected and honored when they come home. We can promise people of color that they are safe, and promise immigrants that they are welcome.  

I’m running for President because I believe, that if we work together, we can make — and keep — that promise to every American and work towards a future for all of us.