130,000 Donors

#TeamJulián is now 130,000 Donors Strong

Because of all of you, our campaign now has 130,000 different donors, one of the key requirements to participate in the fall Democratic debate!

Thank you all for your time, energy, and selfless donations. It’s because of your efforts that our campaign’s message is spreading so widely and reaching so many Americans.

Before the next Debate

  • I’m going to keep meeting people in small towns, suburbs, and cities.
  • I’ll keep talking about the issues that no one else champions.
  • I’ll release more People First plans to improve our country.

View My Current Plans

People First Immigration
People First Education
People First Housing
People First Policing
Eliminate Lead Exposure

This campaign is gaining momentum and I’m so grateful for your support. We made it here together, and I look forward to representing your values on the next debate stage.

Thank you, and let’s keep up the great work!