CNN Town Hall

It’s a busy week! Last night, Julián hosted a #PeopleFirst Rally in San Antonio, where the community joined together to stand up against Trump’s cruel policies toward migrant families at our border. Tonight, he will be answering questions live with Don Lemon at his CNN Town Hall.

During the CNN Town Hall, Julián will have the opportunity to reach more Americans, further discuss his People First immigration platform, and to share his vision for a bold and compassionate future for our country.

This increased visibility is just what Julián needs to qualify for important Democratic primary debates. Four other Democratic candidates will be interviewed this week, and we are excited to show America how Julián’s People First platform stands above the rest.

Can we count on you to tune in?


CNN Town Hall

When: Thursday, April 11 at 10 PM ET / 9 PM CT
Where: Watch live on CNN or check out our events page for a watch party near you!

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