Five Nevadan Leaders Endorse Julián Castro

A slew of Nevadans from all corners of the Silver State endorse Secretary Castro

SAN ANTONIO, TX (September 17, 2019) – On Monday, September 16, a group of five Nevadan community and political leaders announced their endorsement of presidential candidate, former Obama Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julián Castro, for President. The five new endorsers are Community Activist & Ahora Latino Journal Owner & Founder, Mario Delarosa, Best-Selling & Award-Winning Author Terri Farley, Rural Specialist & Political Operative Mike Guss, Community Development Leader Matthew Hirsch, and Disability & Consumer Rights Advocate Madonna Long.

Today’s endorsements bring the total number of community, political, and organizational leaders endorsing Secretary Castro in Nevada to 19. Secretary Castro has also received the endorsement of DNC National Committeewoman for Nevada and Secretary of the DNC’s Black Caucus, Allison Stephens.

“I am honored to have the endorsement and support of these progressive Nevadan leaders from all corners of the Silver State,” said Secretary Julian Castro. “It demonstrates that we are continuing to build a diverse coalition of support and supercharge the Obama coalition ahead of the Nevada Caucus.”

Mario DelaRosa, owner, editor, and founder of Ahora Latino Journal
“I will be caucusing for Julián Castro this election because he understands the needs of the Latino community, as well as the needs of our poor and underserved communities,” Delarosa said. “He shows up, listens, and devises policy proposals that are people-focused. Additionally, he is the only candidate who can enunciate a progressive vision for immigration. I know that he will lead with empathy. He is the antidote to Donald Trump.”

Terri Farley, recent inductee into the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame
“Among the reasons I am supporting Secretary Castro in the Nevada Caucus is his determination to keep public lands in public hands,” Farley said. “As President he’ll end the leasing of federal lands for fossil fuel exploration and extraction, reinstate the Endangered Species Act and humanely manage our wild horse and burro population on the range.”

Mike Guss, rural specialist and veteran political operative and former candidate for Mineral County Commissioner Seat C
“As a person who was adopted as an infant and raised by a wonderful, working class family, and as a person who has spent the last 10 years working to make rural communities in Nevada and Washington State more resilient, I am proud to support Julián Castro for President,” Guss said. I support Secretary Castro because, more than just study the day to day struggles of working families, he has lived them, and his policy proposals are borne out of this experience. From a groundbreaking housing plan that would lower rents and provide affordable housing, to a minimum wage increase, to ensure incomes keep up with rising gas, food and clothing expenses, to an immigration plan that recognizes that the immigrants Donald Trump wants to turn away at the border could go onto cure cancer, Secretary Castro remembers his roots. It’s time for a President who will lead with empathy and put working families first. I strongly believe Julian Castro will be that President.”

Matthew Hirsch, Director of Volunteer Engagement and Agency Services at Three Square and as Board Chairman for Yoga Haven
“Secretary Castro’s down-to-earth concern for and connection with the people (not the privileged) has earned my respect,” Hirsch said. “His policy proposals are clear, uncomplicated and sensible. I find his candidacy refreshing and hopeful for all Americans.”

Madonna Long, Founder of 360 Access and NV Disability Coalition, Director of Ms. Wheelchair Nevada and former candidate for Nevada State Assembly
“Secretary Castro takes an intersectional approach to disability rights,” Long said. “Whether it be his education plan, housing plan, or lead poisoning plan, the Secretary incorporates individuals with disabilities across his platforms. I know that a President Castro will increase both access and services for individuals with disabilities.”