Forward, Not Backward

Julián Castro on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the 2019 State of the Union Address

Did you catch Julián last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live? His thoughts on the State of the Union speech were the same as ours: President Trump’s message of unity doesn’t mean anything when his administration has focused on division.

“If he wants to unify people, the first thing he should do is unite those parents who have been separated from their children at the border,” Julián said to thunderous applause.

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Julián added that a common sense of purpose and identity have been missing. “For me, that starts with the idea that everyone counts in our country,” he said. Julián made it clear that whether we’re talking about high-quality preschool or stable housing, it boils down to access to opportunity and making sure that every child in America feels like they matter.

One thing was clear to Julián: our country has been going backwards. And it’s time for us to move forward. Join us as we work to restore the promise that America is a country for everyone.

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