I’m Going to Visit All 50 States

I’m making a pledge to people all over this nation today:

I will visit your state during my campaign. Every state. All 50. And I can’t wait.

As someone from a state (Texas) that’s largely been ignored by presidential campaigns for most of the past four decades, I know how much it means for folks to have a chance to be heard by the men and women seeking to become their President.

During my time in public service, I had the chance to visit more than 40 states, which helped me understand the issues most important to the people I served. I want to do that again. Over the course of my campaign, I will visit every state in our nation to hear directly from you.

Can you help me to travel to your state by chipping in $10 today?

I’ve already visited a handful of states —plus Puerto Rico, which was my first stop of this campaign — and that number will grow as I get to every single state to send an important message:

When I’m President, everyone will count.

You’ll be hearing from my team soon to ask for your help and ideas to get me to your state. Tell us the best places to visit! I look forward to seeing every part of this country and hearing from people who are often left out of these political conversations.

Until then, remember, we are one nation, with one destiny.